Your Subway Application is Completed – Now What?

Get hired through a Subway application online or in personMerely filling out a Subway application either in person or online is not enough to give you the best opportunity to get hired at this sub sandwich restaurant. To search for Subway jobs in your area, visit

In order to have the best chance at getting hired these days, in Subway or anywhere else, you need to network so you can get your application to the top of the pile instead of it being lost in cyberspace or worse yet, at the very bottom of a pile on some executive’s desk.

It’s not that difficult to “make a connection” and it doesn’t really involve what most people would think. You definitely don’t need to be best friends with an employee working in a job at Subway or even a relative of someone who owns a franchise (although that really would be a great place to start!).

All you need to do is make restaurant management aware that you’ve filled out an application, that you’re ready to work, and that you have some sort of personality.  Are you Bored with your Job?  Click here to find a new Job today.

You can do this by filling out your Subway application only after you have visited the restaurant you’re targeting as your choice for work.

You have to remember that you have to stand out in a crowd, or better said, a sea of many people trying to get the same job you’re applying for.

Since many Subway restaurants are franchised, which means they are independently owned and operated oftentimes by someone who started out as a sandwich maker at Subway only to start their own business after learning how the restaurant operates.

So here are the steps you can take to make sure you can feel about giving it your best shot when applying for a job at Subway:

1. Take a trip to the SW you would like to work in dressed in clean, crisp, understated clothing during non-peak hours (between 9AM-10AM), introduce yourself to whomever you make contact with, and ask to speak with the restaurant manager or owner.

Obviously first impressions are ever-so-important so even your contact with an hourly worker such as a cashier or sandwich preparer is extremely important. When you leave you can bet they will be talking about you and you would rather they talk about how nice you were instead of how arrogant and unpleasant you seemed to be!

2. Next, while speaking with whomever is in charge, ask them if you can fill out one of the Subway applications right there at the store. The person may tell you to fill one online or hand you an application on the spot, in which case you should follow directions. If you are told to fill an application online, make sure you leave a business card or neatly handwritten note with your name, address, and phone number on it for their reference.

At this point you will have made a connection, albeit a small one, but that’s okay! Now they know who you are.

3. If they don’t call you within a week, follow up your application in person (not over the phone) by initiating personal, face-to-face contact once again. Be polite and courteous and let the manager or owner know once more that you are interested in a position at their restaurant and leave them your information once again. After confirming the job is still available, let them also know you hope to get a call from them and you’ll be checking back with them in a week.

Make good on your promise, visit the store once more (three times is the magic number), and say “hello”. You can say something like, “I’m just stopping by to say hi and to see if the job I applied for is still available.

You will either get a positive or negative response, but either way, you will have placed yourself in the best position to get that job. If you practice the same technique with every job you apply for, you will land one much quicker than the average person!

Before filling out your Subway application, check to see where you can apply; to search for jobs in your area visit